Strategic creativity and innovation consultancy


Strategic creativity and innovation consultancy

How do we address your challenges?

Vision, experience and method

We banish uncertainty

We contribute our external, transversal and unconditioned vision to our clients’ businesses, enabling clients to reflect on and plan new strategic scenarios and business development routes.

Creating opportunities

We demonstrate the viability of our ideas and their repercussions on the business model through the use of any prototype and/or experience that enables team alignment and rapid decision taking.

Driving the transformation forward

We design and manage the process of testing and launch, monitoring the results and industrialisation of the solutions. Making things happen is part of our DNA and we won’t walk away until the result is visible in the market.

Our Clients

Together, we transform your business

Cross-disciplinary and out-of-the-box thinking
 and a philosophy of growing by doing

Who are we?

The sum of our knowledge


What we’re thinking about

THE CHALLENGE: Nikidom, a company fully committed to the philosophy of offering innovative childcare products, came to us with a very specific challenge, namely “a mobile for a baby’s cot which will clearly stand out from the rest”. Every product they had seen on the......

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